Antique Fishing Lures by Floyd Roberts


  On this page I illustrated some of my lure collection which is displayed in my collection room.  I prefer to display a portion of my lures for my enjoyment rather than tucking them away in a closet or in tackle box's.  I love to collect old lures from many different manufactures but my main concentration is with Heddon, South Bend, Shakespeare and Pflueger.  I collect different versions and color variations of the same lure but I do not keep doubles or upgrades that I have acquired.

  I designed and had all my display cases custom built. Each one is made of solid oak wood and beautifully constructed. The builder used brass hardware and double thick clear glass window panes. Each lure has its own label that is marked with the manufacturer, lure name, color and manufacture date all pasted on a green background.

My Collection Room


Lake Home Collection Room



Vertical Curio Cabinet



Horizontal Cabinet


Below are a few Wall Hung Display Cases



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