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Fred Arbogast Pamphlets & Patches

  Clarence E. Zahn lure mentor and close friend swapped this material to Mr. Clyde Harbin.  Mr. Zahn visited the Arbogast factory in July of 1981 during a NFLCC swap meet that was held in Akron, Ohio.  Clarence Zahn met with Arbogast President, Dick Kotis and received this signed copy of "The First Fifty Years and 1982 Arbogast Catalog" .

Cover Signed by President Dick Kotis - 1981


Copyright 1978


Fred Arbogast Patches and Sticker


Fred Arbogast 1972 Catalog


Fred Arbogast 1982 Catalog


The Big Tin Liz

  Mr. Clyde A. Harbin Sr. acquired this Arbogast Big Tin Liz in the box March 7, 2003.  The Big Tin Liz came in the correct box without the "Tail Fin".  It has the original red paint on the line tie (unusual flat style) and the same paint on the hook.  There was no signs of tail fin travel and no evidence this bait was ever fished with a tail fin.  

The Big Tin Liz - Glass Eyes in Correct Box

Box End - Patent Applied For

Box Side with Instructions

Fred Arbogast - MFGR

Box Insert Pamphlet

Fred Arbogast with "Your Truly"

Opposite Side of Picture Insert

Fred Arbogast Picture Enlarged

Fred's New Bass Trick

Three Sizes and Four Lure Colors

Weed Guard with Fishing Instructions

The Big Tin Liz

Fred Arbogast Insert Pamphlet


Two Big Tin Liz or Musky lures with the correct cardboard box.  The Red Head lure never had a Tail Fin.

One Ounce Musky Tin Liz

Correct Marked Tail Fin for the Fred Arbogast One Ounce Big Tin Liz or Musky Lure

Close up Tail Fin

Same Original Marked Box with the second found correct Musky or Big Tin Liz Lure


Fred Arbogast Pamphlet and Musky Lure


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