Antique Fishing Lures by Floyd Roberts

Author: Floyd Roberts

A Little Background on Floyd Roberts -  Born in Wisconsin in 1954 I grew up just north of Milwaukee.  My family had a summer home in central Wisconsin which I would spend my summers fishing and enjoying water sports.  I have always been interested in the preservation of old fishing tackle and today I still have my tackle box that I used as a youngster.  I began seriously collecting in 1990, concentrating mainly on South Bend, Bass Oreno's #973 lures.  Over time I expanded my collection and today I have been focusing on tournament casting weights and casting metals.

I met Mr. Clyde Harbin in January of 2000.  Clyde generously supplied me with a "Mother Lode" of his hand assembled books and old lure information.  For the next four years I worked mainly on writing web pages for the Bassman and published them on my website. 

In the years to come I plan to continuously add material to my lure website.  My Website is easy to navigate around in and you will find information that is not available anywhere on the internet or in text books.  Antique Fishing Lures Website is a website to book mark and re-visit in the future.








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*** Collector Values for Old Lures ***  If you are inquiring for lure values click on my Collector Values for Old Lures link.  This link will take you directly to Amazon Books where Captain John's Fishing Tackle Price Guide is listed for purchase.  This Website generates a lot of traffic and I can no longer keep up to request's asking for lure values.


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